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Why visit?

Six reasons to visit the expo?

  1. Meet representatives of more than 200 Qatari firms, factories and productive families during one of the major industrial exhibitions showcasing Qatari products.
  2. Find out the latest local products and review the latest sophisticated technologies in manufacturing field for the advantage of developing your business.
  3. Meet with the most foremost Qatari manufacturers and specialists to exchange expertise and strengthen cooperation relations.
  4. Look for new sources for the needs of your business directly from Qatar’s factories.
  5. Benefit from the exhibition’s accompanying events which seek easy business environment and address challenges facing the private sector, as well as the opportunities available in the Qatari market.
  6. Identify the newly-founded companies and the latest products of companies operating in the country.

Intended Audience?

  • Senior Businessmen & Investors
  • Officials & Dignitaries
  • Services Suppliers
  • Building Materials & Equipment Suppliers
  • Suppliers & Distributers of Foodstuffs
  • Petrochemicals Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Medical & Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Furniture Suppliers
  • Purchases & Projects Managers
  • Consultants
  • Specialists
  • Merchants & Distributors
  • Nationals & Residents

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